Testimonial 13

Dan Riggan is a people person at heart and it is clearly demonstrated in his outward manifestation of loving energy he directs to those around him. He blends compassion and humor, as well as a perspective that consistently feels poignant and resonant. Dan is an exceptional communicator and has the capacity to deliver a message

Testimonial 12

Dan has helped me by not only being an empathetic ear and confidante, but has also assisted me in countless other ways. Whether that is illustrating things from my past that are both negatively and positively effecting my future or giving me the tools to manage those emotions that are anchored to those experiences. In

Testimonial 11

I was in a tunnel when I met Dan. Not only was the tunnel dark, but I didn't realize how far into it I had travelled. With kindness, nonjudgmental empathy, and (much needed) humor, Dan drew me out. He has challenged me to ask myself hard questions. He has helped me understand that it's alright

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