Testimonial 10

Dan’s understanding of good, healthy love, and his experience as a husband, father, son, relative and friend to many, have helped him become a wise, compassionate and non-judgmental therapist. I have often called upon Dan as a sounding board, a friend and a guide. I have cried with Dan, laughed, strategized and always felt tremendous, heartfelt,

Testimonial 9

Dan Riggan has truly been blessed with the gift as a healer. Dan “intuits” people quickly and demonstrates empathetic warmth that allows people to “be” where they are—no matter how painful a place. His accepting and non-judgmental approach is coupled with a deep philosophical value that people are intrinsically working toward health. Through his unconditional

Testimonial 8

Dan Riggan is embodied truth, love, and wholeness. I am deeply grateful to receive the gift of his giant open heart. He creates a non-judgmental space for me to be fully human, fully emotional, fully alive. He guides others into the depths of their internal world with his cunning intuition and shining compassion. I highly

Testimonial 5

Dan is a soulful, approachable, heart-full man. He is a terrific role model and support for people who are consciously working to develop themselves. It is unique to find a male therapist like Dan who understands and embodies the complexities of both the masculine and feminine principles. This unique gift allows Dan to skillfully work

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