Testimonial 7

Dan Riggan is a gifted and intuitive healer who is all about love. Dan's presence invites a deep feeling of safety and openness. He's an amazing athlete, father, and friend. The twinkle in his eye is the mark of deep knowing, deep trust, and deep love.

Testimonial 4

Dan's work with people has one consistent aspect; authenticity. He knows how to hold a safe container in order for people to move towards health. He uses honesty and accurate reflection along with solid therapeutic techniques to help guild you towards resolving trauma, establishing goals, and integrating difficult aspects of one’s self, thus leading you

Testimonial 1

He is dedicated, loyal, playful...I am confident that Dan has the ability to translate his profound parenting experience into his work of supporting clients with their early relational imprints and patterns. Dan is clearly committed to helping people increase their relational awareness and their ability for intimacy.

Testimonial 2

Dan Riggan has the natural ability to positively affect your life and to support you into becoming a better human being. He has a unique gift of nurturing relationships, and has taught me the importance of self-awareness and the joy that I can feel in being committed to bettering myself.

Testimonial 3

Because of Dan's balanced expression of the masculine and feminine, all parts of those who he is in relationship with feel invited to the table. This brings much needed calm and ease to the inherent challenges encountered during the process of therapy.

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