Do You Feel Overwhelmed With The Challenges Of Parenthood?

Are you and your partner planning on having children, but you worry that you are not prepared to balance your roles as parents and loving partners? Perhaps you don’t know how to plan for the stress of new parenthood and wonder how to get an adequate amount of sleep, adjust your budget or find time to intimately connect with your partner. Or maybe, the two of you have already become parents, and you are struggling to stabilize your life and make time to get your relationship needs met. Do you wish you could fortify your connection with your partner in order to become happier, more balanced and compassionate parents?

When you become a parent, your life changes drastically. Whether you are getting ready for this major life change or you have already started your journey into parenthood, each day may be filled with uncertainty, tension and confusion. If you and your partner are planning to have children, you may be concerned that your relationship will face heightened conflict that you may not be ready for. The two of you may also have fears regarding the birthing process and financial burdens, as well as how you will share parenting responsibilities.

If you already have children, your daily routine may feel tense and disorganized, as you and your partner struggle to balance your parenting duties, work lives and personal needs. Stress may build up throughout each day, with both of you worrying about the level of connection in your partnership, your finances and the health of your children. At the end of the day, the two of you may feel so exhausted that you rarely have the chance to have sex or spend intimate alone time together. You may believe that the tension in your relationship is negatively affecting your children’s development and your overall well-being as a family.

Parenting Is The Biggest Responsibility A Couple Can Take On

While being a parent is one of the most exciting experiences one can have, it also requires a massive reorganization of your life. It’s very common for parents to focus most of their energy on their children, ensuring that their needs are well tended. However, when parents restructure their lives to serve only their children, they often neglect their own personal and relationship needs. This is especially common in our fast-paced world, where financial stress causes parents to work long hours to support their families. In addition, parents may also feel estranged from their communities, especially if their friends don’t have children. As a result, new parents are often unsure of where to turn to for parenting tips, causing them to feel alone and helpless.

The good news is that with the help of an experienced parenting coach, you will gain professional insight to structure your life, find balance and prepare for future parenting challenges.

Parent Coaching Can Help You Live A Fulfilling Life As A Parent And Partner

During supportive and engaging parenting therapy sessions, we will work together to assess the strengths and challenges in your relationship and how these may affect your roles as parents. Depending on your needs and interests, we will create a tailored plan to help the two of you address your specific concerns and move forward to ensure a rewarding personal and family life.

If you and your partner are getting ready to become first-time parents, your sessions will focus on understanding and potentially modifying your current communication patterns. For example, if the two of you are struggling with frequent or repeated arguments, we will take the proactive steps to mitigate your conflict now to encourage patterns of trust, compromise and connection in the future. We may even assess how each of your parents communicated to and around you when you were growing up. Having this awareness can help you to potentially avoid repeating undesireable patterns and help you feel greater agency as a parent.

If you and your partner already have children, and you are struggling to adjust to the stress of taking care of an infant, an older child or an adolescent, your parenting sessions will focus on providing you with immediate support. We will work to get both of your your needs met so you can stay emotionally connected to each other. For example, if parenting responsibilities have overwhelmed your schedule, you may have had very little time to take part in your hobbies or share an intimate evening with your partner. In this case, I can offer you personalized parenting suggestions on how to restructure your priorities and manage stress in order to keep your intimacy alive and strengthen your core relationship connection.

While parenting worries and challenges can make you feel overwhelmed, hopeless and alone, you can always modify your life to get the most out of your relationship and become a more confident and connected parenting unit.

I have been coaching parents through their parenting challenges since 2006 and have been trained in several effective modalities that will assist in supporting your development and healing. I have worked extensively with adolescents and their families, and I have a thorough grasp of the pain points that parents suffer as their children are working toward greater independence. As a parent of two children, and as a trained psychotherapist, I have witnessed how making important changes in your family life can drastically improve your personal well-being, your relationship and your bond with your child. When you and your partner truly work together, balance your responsibilities and connect on a compassionate and intimate level, you can ensure your child will be brought up in a positive and loving environment.

You may be interested in parent coaching, but you still have questions and concerns…

Can I participate in parent therapy without a partner or spouse?

Whether you are a single parent or you and your partner simply do not have enough time to attend sessions together, individual sessions can help you make the necessary changes to maintain balance in your life. If you are or will be a single parent, we will focus on organizing your responsibilities, honing your parenting skills, identifying your resources and determining how you can best prioritize your life.

If you and your partner will be raising your child separately, please visit my co-parenting counseling page  for more information on how I can help the two of you work together as you share parenting roles and responsibilities.

Our child is exhibiting behavioral difficulties. Can parental coaching help?

Parent therapy sessions are always focused on you and your relationship. While your sessions will not primarily address your child’s behavior, we can address your child’s behavior by looking at your role in the interactions.  Additionally, you and your partner will have the chance to improve the way you connect and co-parent so you can implement healthy and consistent structure. By fortifying your bond with your partner, you can provide your child with a strong model and foundation of support and love, which will create a positive environment for child development.

I’m concerned about the cost of parenting advice.

Choosing to attend parenting therapy sessions is an investment in your well-being, as well as that of your relationship and family as a whole. As a parent, I know that finding extra time and money to spend on counseling is difficult. However, working to create an ideal environment for your family is a valuable investment for your relationship and your children.

Look Forward To A Fulfilling Life As A Parent

If you are ready to prepare for the life changes of parenthood and/or address your current parenting challenges, please contact me at 303-641-2023 to schedule a free phone consultation. I am happy to answer any questions, discuss your specific needs and talk to you about how parent coaching sessions can help you.