Has Infidelity Damaged Your Relationship?

Did you or your partner engage in an emotional or physical affair? Are the two of you struggling to process your emotions and reconnect with each other in the aftermath? Has the level of trust in your relationship plummeted? It is possible that you are worried too much damage has been done to your bond, and fear you will never be able to love each other as you did in the past. If you and your partner have children, are you concerned that the affair has put a strain on your family system and negatively impacted their upbringing? Do you feel overwhelmed and unsure about how to move forward? Do you wish you could heal the pain in your relationship and rebuild a foundation of love and support with your partner?

Surviving an affair is tremendously difficult, and each day you and your partner may be faced with painful thoughts and emotions about what has occurred and what the future holds. If your partner engaged in an affair, you may constantly doubt your partner’s love for you and question whether your relationship was ever true. Perhaps you even wonder whether you did something wrong to cause your partner to commit this infidelity. You may be torn between your emotions – feeling incredibly upset by your partner’s actions and at the same time sensing and longing for the love you used to share.

If you had the affair, your days may be filled with immense guilt and shame, regretting the decisions you made and wishing you could simply go back in time to change it. You may be trying to repair your relationship with thoughtful acts, but your partner is not responding. It’s likely that you feel overwhelmed with thoughts about how you can earn forgiveness and regain your partner’s trust.

At the end of the day, you both may wonder whether the two of you have any hope to rebuild a compassionate and loving bond.

Affairs Are One Of The Most Difficult Relationship Challenges

The desire for sex and connection outside a relationship is very normal, but when one partner decides to act on his or her impulses and take part in an infidelity, it often causes immense damage to the bond between partners. After an affair, it is very common for trust, communication and connection to completely fall apart in the relationship. In addition, emotional affairs, in which a partner doesn’t actually have sex but shares emotional intimacy with another person, can wreak just as much turmoil as a physical affair.

Infidelity may be increasingly common because of recent technology. Pornography, hookup apps and dating resources are abundant on the internet, opening doors to potential infidelity and providing instantaneous access to act on harmful impulses.

The good news is that with the guidance of an experienced therapist, you and your partner always have hope to rebuild a foundation of love and trust with each other.

Heal And Fortify Your Bond With Affair Counseling

During safe and nonjudgmental infidelity counseling sessions, I will work with you and your partner to assess the current state of your relationship and gain a deeper understanding of how the two of you might move forward. As we work together, the goals and approach of our sessions will be tailored to fit your relationship’s unique needs and expectations.

Affairs are often a wake-up call for each partner to pay attention to the relationship. Together, we will look back at how the communication and intimacy in your relationship may have broken down over the years leading up to the affair. Instead of blaming one partner for all of the pain in your relationship, we’ll work to understand both of your experiences.

Through listening exercises and calming communication strategies, you and your partner will have the opportunity to unpack your emotions and understand how you have each felt hurt, neglected, disconnected or angry. I will guide the two of you through the grieving process, emphasizing the importance of staying open and honest with each other along the way.

If you and your partner have determined that your relationship is repairable, we will work together to develop a personalized plan to strengthen the foundation of your bond. You and your partner will outline your needs, establish an open and compassionate communication pattern and work to create a lasting sanctuary of trust and love.

Since 2006, I have helped couples work together to overcome the turmoil of an affair. As someone who is married with children, I know that maintaining a positive marriage takes much attention and effort. And, I know how much healing and connection can come from setting aside time to truly see and hear one another again. Even though overcoming infidelity is painful and challenging, many couples who invest in professional support find that their marriages and relationships become stronger than ever. You, too, can move into a more satisfying, mutually-supportive and caring future.

You and your partner may be interested in affair counseling, but you still have questions and concerns…

Can I attend infidelity counseling sessions alone?

Whether your partner refuses to commit to therapy or you would simply prefer to attend sessions alone, I can help. Individually, you’ll have the chance to understand why the affair in your relationship occurred and take the steps to get your needs and expectations met in the future. I can also help you assess your personal history, noting how your specific relationship attachment pattern may be related to your current struggles with your partner.

By working one-on-one, we will start to move you in a more positive direction, but if your partner is unresponsive to your efforts to heal and rebuild a loving connection, then we can consider whether you may want to end your relationship. In any case, the skills you learn during our sessions are important to your own personal well-being and ability to advocate for yourself, both within and outside of your current relationship.

I don’t think we will ever overcome this betrayal.

Therapy is a remarkable tool that has the potential to heal most emotional wounds. You may be surprised by the transformational effects of our sessions. That said, if you and your partner cannot reconnect through our work together, having the support of an experienced therapist can help the two of you separate amicably, gain deeper awareness of your personal life, and develop the insight needed to avoid future pain.

Is it really worth it to spend so much time and money on repairing our relationship through affair recovery counseling?

While there is no quick fix to this kind of betrayal, spending the time and money to attend counseling sessions can greatly reduce the pain you are experiencing in the long run. In fact, many couples who worked with a therapist after an affair have found that they have built a stronger and more compassionate bond than they have ever had.

Even if you decide that separation is your best option, our sessions can provide you with an in-depth understanding of your process that can help you achieve lasting personal happiness and greater relationship success in the future.

Find Hope And Healing After An Affair

If you are ready to rebuild your bond with your partner, please contact me at 303-641-2023 to schedule a free phone consultation, during which you can discuss your needs and learn more about how therapy sessions can help you and your partner move forward.